Which of the following Is an Example of a Legal Description of Land

The rectangular survey system is designed to try to describe the whole country in our country. A section of land is a mile on all sides, which means it`s a one-mile square. The Georgian Code gives the Commission the following powers: when land ownership began, a way had to be found to define the boundaries of a parcel of land so that people knew where their land ended and their neighbour`s land began. There had to be a way to define the boundaries of a person`s property. Natural boundaries served as practical reference points until the tree exploded or the stream changed course. We had to invent a better way, which would be more durable and reliable. The methods used evolved as the shapes and size of the properties changed. When creating a legal description, it is important to use the exact legal description that appears on the last deed of ownership. This requires special attention from the creator. It is advisable to re-read the legal description several times to ensure that each letter and punctuation element looks exactly what it was in the previous document.

By surveying the public lands of the United States, a territorial subdivision six miles long, six miles wide and 36 sections, each one square mile, between two course lines and two township lines. A real property parcel where there is an undivided common interest in a portion of the property, associated with a separate spatial interest called a unit, whose boundaries are described on a final registered map, parcel map or condominium plan. The Commission may, at its discretion, question applicants if more than five years have elapsed and the applicant has discharged his guilt by fulfilling the conditions of imprisonment, restitution, etc., resulting from the conviction or arrest. The Board reserves the right to insist that applicants with criminal records can effectively demonstrate that they have successfully demonstrated competence and honesty and that they can demonstrate that they can be trusted. The Board has the exclusive discretion to request such documents and has the authority to determine how the applicant is to document their requests for rehabilitation. Imaginary lines used by surveyors to find and describe the location of private or public land. In government surveys, a baseline extends due east and west, meridians go due north and south, and are used to establish community boundaries. Regardless of the type of legal description, it is important to understand their impact, as they describe exactly what is included in the purchase and sale of a property. If you have any questions about your legal description, talk to your real estate agent or call your local Pioneer Title office – we`ll be happy to help! This is why the use of a legal description is the most accurate way to identify real estate. A legal description can be long and complicated, but it is a more accurate way to describe where a property is. Why is this so important? You can imagine the problems of buying and selling property, building a house, and moving a family in, only to discover they were in the wrong place. Or worse, the building sprawled over two different plots of land with two different owners.

This would cause headaches that could have been avoided if the correct legal descriptions had been checked. If the Commission considers it necessary to investigate or audit a broker`s escrow account, it has the power to give instructions or enter into a contract to assist the broker in carrying out the audit. There are certain limits to this power; However, as the Commission must be able to demonstrate, such an audit requires specific expertise, including the expertise of an accountant or legal expert. In that case, the Commission shall retain full powers of control over those experts. The final decisions shall in any event be taken by the Commission and not by an expert appointed by the Commission to carry out the review. It`s not always accurate either. Metes and limits are not always an accurate measurement, but also many blocks can be here and there a few meters away. You may be wondering how this could have happened.

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