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Asked if the 2025 regulations would be an adjustment to the current Rally1 regulations, Reid said: “I think that`s exactly what`s going to happen.” As a new competitive season develops, all WRC teams are focused on developing the new cars for 2022. The technical regulations of these cars have not been published, so in order to understand what we will see in the next development tests, we can now only check what is known about the new regulations. This is our compilation of all the information available to date, from the first official decision (taken on 19 June) to the first development tests (April/May`21). The test results were used to define the safety design requirements for the next generation of vehicles once they were shared with manufacturers. These, in turn, provided the cockpit volume area for their 2022 cars, allowing a universal safety cell to fit all Rally1 cars. It was signed as a three-year regulatory cycle, meaning a new set of rules will come into force for 2025. In this sense, support will of course be lower in 2022. Although it shouldn`t have fallen to a level where you see an onboard clip and still don`t immediately assume that the driver must be clinically insane. For the past five years, Toyota has dominated Rally Finland. [118] However, the 2022 event was marred by the Hyundai crew of Tänak and Järveoja, who led the event from start to finish, but the first step to securing their second win of the season. [119] This helped the 2019 champions climb to second place in the championships. [120] This victory is also the first triumph in Finland for the South Korean manufacturer. [121] Championship leaders Rovanperä and Halttunen were marred by their road position on Friday, but they fought back and took second place.

[122] Teammates Lappi and Ferm completed the podium despite a pitch in the penultimate stage. [123] Tom Fowler, technical director of Toyota Gazoo Racing, confirmed to DirtFish that their 2022 car will be built with a space-frame chassis – not a near-production car (most recently in 1986 in the Group B era). In addition, many other development tests are expected to be developed (probably some have already taken place in secret), as all teams should be able to take full advantage of the 30 days of testing specific to this year 2022. The pace of team development work is also determined by these three key dates: a 13-lap championship has been confirmed for 2022 as the WRC moves one step closer to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic. Hybrid system: Compact Dynamics has been appointed as the exclusive supplier of hybrid equipment in the 2022-2024 World Rally Championship for new Rally1 class vehicles. Ford Fiesta WRC, 2022 mule test car, development test, Bages, April 2021 – Image by Anna Solé Genescà The big three in the WRC – Toyota, Hyundai and M-Sport (backed by Ford) – will all field a steel space chassis for 2022, so you can no longer say: “It`s really a GR Yaris underneath”. Although purists would probably prefer only homologated vehicles, tests have shown that this stronger layout is much better able to withstand large shocks and is therefore safer for everyone involved. Neuville expects `nerve-wracking moments` in 2022 WRC crash structure prototype for 2022 cars – FIA image July 1, 2021: Data limit for homologation of 2022 Rally1 engines. After that, the specification is frozen for the next five years. 19 December: Approval of the principles of the 2022 Technical Regulations The new Rally1 regulations, which focus on hybrid cars, have arguably given the series the biggest rule change in a generation and promises to deliver the most unpredictable season in decades.

– In 2022, the roadbook will define the areas where it will be mandatory to drive in all-electric mode so that crews can prepare in advance their strategy for the events, and the 2020 Sporting Regulations already provided for an additional 30 days of testing to test the new generation vehicles according to the specifications of the 2022 Technical Regulations. The only mentions I found on the windscreen in the current Rally1 regulations (Annex J 2022 – Article 262 – Specific regulations for Rally1 cars 15.12.2021) are – Openings on the windscreen: prohibited – Position and inclination: identical to the original vehicle – The application of transparent protective films on the outside is allowed. – The lower fairing of the windshield of the series can be modified under certain conditions You can inform yourself www.fia.com/sites/default/files/262_2022_wmsc_2021.12.15.pdf Kiitos here! But the reality is – with new regulations and new cars – 2022 could be everyone`s year. All eyes are on Monte Carlo for the curtain. There is a lot of optimism around the car given M-Sport`s previous successes in delivering solid cars at the start of the new regulations. The team won the driver and constructors` double in 2017 when the final regulations were introduced. The most important innovation has been the introduction of a complementary hybrid system, which will consist of common components and software in the first three years and will be able to offer more technical freedom in 2024. Even before the end of 2019, the principles of the 2022 Technical Regulations for the Rally1 category were approved by the WSMC.

The main feature was to allow manufacturers to adapt their rally car from different models while maintaining the current size guidelines through a scaling system. It was on 14 June 2019 that the FIA`s main decision-making body, the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC), approved the introduction of a new generation of WRC cars in 2022 with a five-year homologation cycle. Manufacturers were allowed to use a production body or prototype pipe structure in accordance with current WRC size guidelines, while the FIA had to define transmission elements of production cars for key visual elements. 20 January 2022: Start of the 2022 Rallye Monte-Carlo. I had read that paddling should be banned by 2022. However, could not find the reference while preparing the message. You`re probably right, without them. At the end of the championship, Kalle Rovanperä and Jonne Halttunen won their first World Rally Championship after winning Rally New Zealand 2022. At the age of twenty-two, Rovanperä became the youngest world rally champion. Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja finished second, fifty points behind. Thierry Neuville and Martijn Wydaeghe finished third, twelve points higher. In the manufacturers` standings, Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT successfully defended its title at Rally Catalunya 2022 with a seventy-point lead over Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT, with M-Sport Ford WRT in third place.

The principles of the 2022 Technical Regulations for the Rally1 (formerly WRC) category have been approved by the WMSC, including “How can you say that?! The season hasn`t started yet! Rest assured, the outcome is not certain: defending champion Sebastian Ogier is reducing his rally commitments for 2022, meaning the title will change hands at the end of the season.

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